Single Varietal Rosé Cider
Winner, Cidercraft Double Gold 2018
Winner, Dan Berger Int’l Wine Competition Double 2016
Winner, SIP Best of the Northwest Silver 2016
Winner, GLINTCAP Silver Medal 2012

Vintage | 2017 (released June 2019)

Package - Cases | 750ml - 164 cases, 20L draft - 180 gallons

ABV | 8.2%

Varietals | Aerlie Redflesh (Hidden Rose®)

Process | 8 week cold fermentation, 9 months matured in stainless tanks.

Our award winning Alpenfire Glow is fermented from the Aerlie Red, an organically grown apple from the south end of the Willamette Valley with red flesh is what we use to create this single varietal rosé cider. No filtration, adjuncts, colorings, or other fruits are added to this cider, just full strength fresh pressed red fleshed apple nectar.

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