Cider Dinner at The Watershed

September 12th 2018

For 5 years we have been collaborating with our good friends at The Watershed in North Seattle. This year is no different, a celebration of good food, good cider, and good conversations!

The Menu

SPARK- intro..... finger food platter TBD.

1- 3 POMMES- chips n' 3 dips. Chipotle bean dip, fresh pico de gallo and apple/tomatillo salsa. Accompanied by house corn chips.

2- DISCOVERY- arroz con pollo. Seasoned drumette lollipops, Spanish rice and apple/ chili puree.

3- FOXWHELP- picadillo "loaded potato". Ground beef, potato and onion w/a spiced tomato sauce.

4- GLOW- Pozole- pork and hominy stew w/ apple cabbage slaw, queso fresco and lime.

5- ROSY POMMEAU- baked apple w/ horchata custard and brandies cranberries