Alpenfire's ciders range in style from old world to new world; from barrel matured, bittersharp, bone dry varieties to luscious pommeau's made with fresh pressed juice and apple brandy.

With every cider, we strive to let the apples tell their own story. Our bittersweet and bittersharp varieties speak of tradition and earthiness, the smell and feel of a fall orchard. The high acid heirloom varieties remind us of the sharp crisp flavor of our grandfather's apples. The incredible red flesh specialty apples we use let us know that spring and wild strawberries are only a bottle away.

We hope you find a story of your own, come and explore.


Pirates Plank
Old World Estate Organic Bittersharp

GLINTCAP Gold Medal 2014, 2015
Northwest Brewing News Reader’s Choice Awards 2010

Ember Old World Bittersweet
Estate Organic Sparkling Cider

GLINTCAP Silver 2017
Cidercraft Medal Bronze 2018

Spark! Heirloom Blend
Sparkling Cider

GLINTCAP Silver Medal
SIP Best of the Northwest Silver Medal

Glow Aerlie Red Rosé
Single Varietal Rosé

Cidercraft Double Gold 2018
Dan Berger Int’l Wine Competition Double 2016
SIP Best of the Northwest Silver 2016
GLINTCAP Silver Medal 2012

Calypso Apples and Blackberries
Pacific Northwest Style Fruit Cider, Rum Barrel Aged

Discovery Trail, “The Bagnum”
Still, Full Bodied Heirloom Blend

Winner, Cidercraft Awards Gold 2018

Traditional Cuvée
Dry Heritage Blend


Kingston Black - 2018
Single Varietal Estate cider

Cortland - 2018
Single Varietal cider

Tempest New England Style - 2017
Apple Raisin Wine

Foxwhelp - 2016
Single Varietal Estate Foxwhlep

Winner, Cidercraft Awards Silver 2018
Winner, SIP Double Gold 2016

3 Pommes - 2016
Apple, Pear, Quince Blend

Dungeness - 2012, 2013, 2014
Single Orchard Blend

Apfelwein - 2006
Estate Still Cider