Kingston n' Perry | 6/2019

Burnt Branch Reserve #4

Released June 2019


A blend of all organic estate apples and pears. Kingston Blacks, the quintesential bittersharp cider apple, when grown, fermented, and matured properly can create an amazing, perfectly balanced single varietal cider.

Schweitzer Wasserbine, Hendre Huffcap, Yellow Huffcap, and Romanian Perry Pears were macerated for 24hours then pressed and fermented together over the winter with champagne yeast.

Bottle conditioned, please pour carefully off the lees.

Best served between 50°-55°f

cases | 12
Alcohol by Vol. | 6.7%
Total Acidity | 7.1 g/l
Residual Sugar | 0 g/l

Traditional Cider | 3/2019

Burnt Branch Reserve #3

Released March 2019


This Traditional Cider is 80% estate organically grown Muscadet de Dieppe, Foxwhelp and Yarlington Mill and 20& organically grown Burgundy, McIntosh, and Goldens from our good friends at Lazy J Farms in Port Angeles WA, roughly 15 miles east of us as the crow flies. Slowly fermented with Champagne yeast and matured for 9 months in our stainless tanks.

Best served between 50°-60°f

Total Cases | 13
Alcohol by Vol. | 6.3%
Total Acidity | 5.8 g/l
Residual Sugar | 10 g/l

Kings Of Kingston | 3/2018

Burnt Branch Reserve #2


Released March 2018


A blend of Kings and Kingston Blacks. The kings organicaly grown 15 miles west of us at Lazy J Farms on the Olympic Peninsula and the Kingston Blacks from our estate orchard. Slowly fermented over the winter with champagne yeast, then bottle conditioned. Please enjoy this 11 case release and pour carefully off the lees.

Best served between 45°-55°f

Total Cases | 18
alcohol by vol. | 8.9%