Blend 10 | Sick Session

Traditional Heirloom Cider

T.H.C. 10

6.9% - off dry Cider


45% Organic Newtown Pippins from Hood River OR

45% Organic Macintosh Apples from the Bitterroot Valeey in Montana

10% Organic Estate Bittersweet apples

This blend was done exclusively for Zeeks Pizza and WA Cider Week 2018. Pippins bring a pronounced wine like flavor and aroma to this cider along with a rich body and pronounced apple nose. a slight woodiness that is more apple stem than oak. The bittersweet apples lend a hint of tannin and barnyard. This batch of MacIntosh has a light floral aroma and a stone fruit flavor with the a touch of the minerality of saké. the finish is caramel and cracker.

180 Gallons
Released: September 2018